What Lubricant Is Safe To Use When Trying To Conceive

Millions of people every day are trying to get pregnant. However, did you know that there is only a 20% chance that you are going to get pregnant each cycle? The odds really are stacked against you. This can create a lot of pressure on the woman, especially since intercourse will essentially be on demand. It has been reported that this leads to vaginal dryness in around 75% of women. Many people at this point decide to use some of the many lubricants out there on the market, but this really isn’t a good idea.

Research has shown that the majority of lubricants out there can harm sperm. If you have been looking to get pregnant for a while then this is just throwing another problem into the mix. It isn’t just the lubricants available from stores that can affect your sperm either. Even using just a little warm water or saliva can harm the sperm. I have noticed that many doctors recommend mineral oil, but again, this has been shown to reduce the chances of the sperm actually penetrating the egg. In short, if you use lubricants then you are affecting your chances of getting pregnant. However, what can you do about vaginal dryness? Well you can use a product that has been kicking around since 2002, Pre-Seed Lubricant.

Pre-Seed Lubricant is first solution in the world which is ‘fertility-friendly’. It has been designed to mimic the exact secretions that your body makes when your vagina becomes ‘wet’. This means that it is delivered with the same pH and osmolarity as semen, which means that your sperm is not harmed as it attempts to reach the egg. This really is the ‘optimal sperm environment’. This is a patented formula, and whilst many lubricants have come in an attempt to steal market share away from ‘Pre-Seed’, there has not been a single product which has recreated the perfect environment, and many haven’t even come close.

The Pre-Seed Lubricant has gone through a lot of testing to ensure it offers the most ‘gentle’ moisture for your vagina. It causes no reactivity or irritation within the vagina, and that makes it incredibly safe to use. All of the lubricant is also screened to ensure it is the ‘ultimate’ environment before it leaves the factory where it is made. This improves the chances of you conceiving considerably.

Applying Pre-Seed Vaginal Lubricant is incredibly easy. You simply place the lubricant in your vagina with the aid of applicators. It should be applied around 15 minutes before you start to make love. It isn’t the ‘sexiest’ way in the world to kick off sex, but it is something that you can do in private.

If you find that your vagina is getting dry due to the pressures of trying to conceive then there is a massive chance that you are exasperating the problem by using lubricants. In fact, this could be the very thing that is standing between you and child right now. So why not try out ‘Pre-Seed’ lubricant and give yourself the best chance of having a child, it could be one of the best decisions that you have ever made.