What is Ovulation Pain?

Women have to deal with a lot of pain to prepare them for the ultimate challenge, child birth. Pain during ovulation and their menstrual cycle is normal. When the mature egg is released from the ovary then ovulation is taking place. At this point if the egg is fertilized within the next day or so the woman will become pregnant. If it is not fertilized then it will be removed from the body through the menstrual cycle. The egg starts to dissolve if it is not fertilized and planted.  Sometimes it is possible for pain to occur during ovulation or after it has taken place. This is normal and usually dissipates within a couple of days.

Ovulation pain is one that occurs around the time you ovulate and can be uncomfortable. It is usually accompanied by other ovulation signs such as tender breasts and fatigue.   It will be on one side of your abdomen. This little fun phenomenon has a name and it is mittelschmerz. That is a German word, in case you couldn’t tell and it means middle pain. Not every woman is blessed with such an affliction, but lots of them are. So how does this pain come about? When an egg is released into one of the ovaries during the woman’s cycle it will eventually be released during ovulation. This is done when it ruptures through a small follicle which can cause the pain you feel. It can switch sides from month to month as you do not release an egg from the same ovary every cycle. After the initial pain of the egg bursting through the follicle the fallopian tube will contract in order to push the egg to the uterus. This can cause some additional discomfort and more cramping. These pains can last a few hours or in the really lucky ladies a few days.

There are some times that you should be concerned of abdominal pain that goes past the point of just being a woman. If the pain you are experiencing lasts longer than a few days and is severe then something else could be going on. This type of pain could mean endometriosis, appendicitis, or cysts. If this is the case then you need to see your doctor as soon as you can. The fun of being a woman is sometimes you have to deal with pain at least once or twice a month, it is a good thing we are made to withstand it. This is an uncomfortable pain and can usually be handled with some Advil. Some women describe it as a pinch in their tummy while others compare the pain to menstrual cramps. Other things you can do for this type of discomfort is use a heating pad, drink a lot of water, and take a hot bath to relieve some of the cramping and pain. Heat will help.